Plants Power Water Treatment

Our foundation, Plants Power Water Treatment, has made a fresh new start. We will start projects in Asia to purify the water. If you want to help us, we would certainly appreciate it. We are looking for sponsors to purify the water in South East Asia. Our ANBI foundation can receive donations and it is 100% deductable of your taxes We are committed to the environment here, if you want to organize a charity to help our cause that is also perfect. We really need your help because the water stinks and is very polluted. We want to do something there in a natural way, namely using aquatic plants.

We work environmentally and we devise systems to purify water with aquatic vegetation We ensure a clear pond and / or natural pool without remedies, expensive pumps or filter systems.

The foundation Waterplant Solutions also created ponds for water boards, municipalities and environmental organizations and the gardener or at private properties.

Some examples:.
Purification of the Efteling
Westerpoort the Eendrachtspark Amsterdamby
Water purification in Hapert of the Dommel Water Boardfoundation.

The donations to the foundation Plants Power Water Treatment(by are idealisticly used for and by Waterplant Solutions. The  donations to the Foundation are fully tax deductible.

Accountnumber NL53RABO0123283191

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Our specialty is oxygen plants with root, generally available 11 months a year, especially pondweed but many other plants are possible.

If you start with a pond, you must first remember that you may still need to spend a lot of money to oxygen plants with roots.

This is ultimately the most important, otherwise you will have problems with the pond anyway.

We believe that a pond or natural pool can only be good with extra oxygen plants and possibly wetland plants.
And further advice is very important, it is all too often something simple creates a problem that will render the whole system inoperable.

We don’t recommend the use of all kinds of expensive equipment.
You can contact us for all kinds of helophytes plants and filters.

We are looking for volunteers for the maintenance and operating work, administration and the establishment and expansion of our activities and brand awareness. All our future activities will be focused on the waters in Asia, Indonesia in particular and South East Asia.