How does purifying work?

There are three main types of system:

1. Natural swimming pools or ponds

This system will work with water plants at the sides of the swimming pool or pond. It is an integrated system that makes the place look nicer and can be integrated in the garden or near the swimming pool or pond.


2. Canals and river

This one we will use to clean a river a canal or a lake. We will put plants on the sides of the river, the canal, or the lake and on not to deep spots. Most times we will use coconut mats or rolls to keep the plants there. A lot of times this will be plants what are already integrated and growing on those mats for more then a year so they will be already big and stay there better. Because of the streaming water and the animals we have to do that in this way. We have to make sure there will be always water on this place and in the other hand it must be strong enough to stay there when there is a lot of water streaming in the rainy season.


3. The natural sewer system solution

This is to clean the water near a city, a village, or a group of houses, a factory, a company, or a government project. It will work with a closed basin of dirt from wastewater nutrient from the place. This will be cleaned every now and then by a company who needs fertilizers. The water what comes out of it will be spread over the closed plant system and after it has been going through this system we will lead it to a natural pool. In this pool you will see the water is already clean and it can be used again for letting the water go to a river lake or toilet or even to shower or swim in it.

This WTT benefit our customers with healthier, more reliable and safer water. This is because clean water is the result without chemicals. The product of our service is not only the product itself; it repairs the nature as a by-product. More fauna will live in the city and the beauty will be overwhelming with frogs – hence less mosquitoes, dragonflies, and plants with flowers. Nature comes back.

The lifecycle of our service is always ongoing because it is a natural growing system. It renews itself and will go on for years. We will control it until the moment the client requires it.

The main working of cleaning wetlands and natural swimming pools

Here we will try to explain how the system works. It is not that easy but in the end you will understand it.

800 wetlands in the Netherlands
>1 million m2 filter-largest theNetherlands: 60.000 m2

Rules of thumb:

  • Infiltration Field
  • Premoval either N-removal
  • suspendeddust Root
  • Zone System
  • N removal  and bit P-removal
  • suspendeddust Yield
  • Field (ponds – sewage farm – environmentally friendly bank)

• alternating P  slightly and more N-removal


Infiltration Field Efteling

Recreational water from WWTP effluent

– area = surface 0,8 hectares
– volume filter = 8000 m3
– Flow = 1600 m3 / day
– Residence time Variable =
– reduction P(2001) = 30% (0.9 – 0.6)
– Reduction N(for 2001) = 40%
– disinfection = 90-99%


  • Helophyte filters/Constructed Wetlands this a serious option  of water treatment to keep water quality
  • Manyexperiences,Monitoring data Good
  • N +  of P inlet water closed water
  • treatment waste water
  • Effluent treatment  residues suspended dust

• Phosphor removal and filtration


This is mainly how it works. I hope you like to make a project with us